Current Projects

Contagious Kindness Project

The Contagious Kindness project is a UCLA student-led project for individuals to share remarkable acts of kindness. This project is based on contagious kindness research; witnessing kind acts makes people feel good and inspires them to want to behave more kindly. Through the collection of selfie-style videos, this project aims to inspire viewers to engage in kind acts themselves, and encourage people to share others’ altruistic acts that they have witnessed by uploading their own videos

The Contagious Kindness Project is a second iteration of the YouTube Kids Kindness is Contagious Project in which UCLA Center for Scholars and Storytellers and Bedari Kindness Institute developed a YouTube Playlist that has reached nearly 250,000 people since October 2022. Unlike the playlist, the Contagious Kindness Project hopes to elicit videos from outside of our organization with the goal of creating viral video-sharing of kind acts.


A key strength of the Bedari Kindness Institute is that its members encompass a broad range of views and scholarship on kindness and related topics. As such, the works of individual members reflect their individual viewpoints and contributions. Except as otherwise noted, their works do not constitute joint efforts or collective statements by our Institute as a whole.